Medical Wellness Center Marina d'Or

Medical Wellness Center Marina d'Or


Marina d’or Medical Wellness center

health and beauty treatments performed in our seawater spa

Marina d'Or Medical Wellness Center Located in Oropesa del Mar, Castellón (Spain)

The centre offers 192 different health and beauty treatments, some as world exclusives. The main therapeutic agent is marine water from the Mediterranean sea.

The main areas of intervention are Medical Hydrology, cosmetic medicine, preventive screening, dentistry, podiatry, physiotherapy, Anti-aging Medicine and Wellness & Beauty.

The centre has a service unique in Europe onsisting of a personalized treatment  ombining arterial  helation and hyperbaric oxygenation.

The Marina d’Or – Medical Wellness Centre shares a building with Europe’s largest scientific seawater spa and with the Marina d’Or 5* Hotel, thus offering comfort and exclusive services in one location. 

The recognised prestige of the centre means that the centre receives clients from all over the world all year round: France, England, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Egypt, Morocco, United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan...

Meet our experts experienced professional staff, physiotherapists, beauticians, nurses, laboratory technicians ...

Dr. Juan I. Ricart

Antiaging unit
Cosmetic Medicine

Profesor Tomás Ortiz

Scientific Advisor
Professor at the Complutense
University of Madrid

Dr. Joaquín Sospedra

Occupational health
General Medicine

Dr. Juan Carmona

Laboratory Director
Clinical analysis
Water and food Analysis

Mr. Carmelo Almagro


Podiatric surgery

Mrs. Beatríz Malagón

Dental and Oral Surgery

Dra. Pilar Perezgrueso

Medical Hydrology
General Medicine
Preventive Screening Unit

Wide range of services and treatments Our featured services

Wellness & Beauty

Facial treatments
Body treatments
Thalasso-Thermal treatments
Massage (Massage Therapy)
Oriental Rituals
Holistic Rituals

Medical Hydrology

Rest cure
Get-in-shape programme
Tone-up programme
Respiratory cure
Circulation enhancing cure
Rheumatology cure
Fibromyalgia programme
Slimming / firming programme
Anti-stress programme

Cosmetic Medicine

Body and Facial Mesotherapy
Specialised medical peeling
Growth factors
Facial bio-remodelling
Facial Revitalizing
Expression wrinkles
Lip remodelling
Facial Mesoplasty
Non-surgical lifting (tightening
Intimate female anti-ageing

Clinical Medicine

General Medicine
Minor outpatient surgery

Nutritional studies

Preventive Screening

Anti-ageing Medicine

Arterial Chelation
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
Nutritional studies
Genetic studies

Physiotherapy Service

Physiotherapy: respiratory, trauma,
neurological, children...
Pain Treatments
Functional recovery in seawater

Dental and Oral Surgery



Medical Hydrology

2 day programmes

Rest cure
Beauty Programme


3 day programmes

Relaxation Programme
Get-in-shape programme


5 day programmes

Tone-up programme

6 day programmes

Respiratory cure

Circulation enhancing cure

Rheumatology cure

Anti-stress programme

Fibromyalgia programme

Slimming / firming programme


Programmes are supervised at all times by qualified medical personnel..

Anti-ageing Medicine

Arterial Chelation

Arterial Chelation

Chelation or non-surgical arterial cleansing is a safe and effective alternative to coronary surgery for certain cardiovascular diseases and atherosclerosis.

Intravenously administered Chelation therapy, a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle are today a clear alternative to surgery as a treatment for cardiovascular diseases, brain disorders resulting from circulatory problems, generalized atherosclerosis and other diseases that irremediably accelerate physical deterioration and senescence.

The method involves session planning to make the programme

easy and comfortable for individual users.

Chelation helps fight arteriosclerotic disease and other diseases associated with the ageing process.

It also prevents strokes, angina and myocardial infarction. 

A medical consultation and prior studies are required to evaluate whether the treatment is indicated and the number of sessions required.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Oxygenation using a hyperbaric chamber is a medical treatment which consists in breathing 100% pure  xygen under pressure of between 1.5 and 2.5 atmospheres absolute (ATA)- equivalent to water pressure at a depth of between 5 and 20 metres.

The combination of pressure and oxygen creates a series of physical and physiological effects beneficial in the treatment of a variety of conditions.

As a general health treatment, the following beneficial effects are observed:

· Revitalizes and restores the biological clock.

· Reduces stress, promoting relaxation.

· Increases physical potential, exercise capacity and the cardiovascular system.

· R e d u c e s i n s o m n i a a n d encourages deep and restful sleep.

· Reduces hypertension.

· Combats chronic fatigue syndrome.

· Sharpens sight.

· Revitalizes sexual appetite.

· Increases memory and sharpens concentration.

· Restores and enhances the immune system.

· Acts as a weight redactor and balances the metabolism.

A medical consultation and prior studies are required to evaluate whether the treatment is indicated and the number of sessions required.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

In the prevention and treatment of diseases associated with ageing (for example arteriosclerosis and other degenerative diseases...) a variety of factors must be evaluated, such as diet, dietary supplements, modification of habits harmful to health (tobacco and alcohol), physical exercise, additional therapies...

Therefore diagnostic tests are required prior to treatment, to assess the state of arteries, nutritional state, oxidative stress and metals and toxins in hair and urine, as well as allergies to more than 200 different food types.

The Marina d’Or Medical Wellness Centre offers personalized treatments starting with a simple saliva sample from which a genetic risk evaluation can be made of cardiovascular risks as well as predisposition to certain heart conditions which are, let’s not forget, the leading cause of death and hospitalization amongst the general population.

125 polymorphisms are evaluated.

We also offer the chance to discover your biological age by measuring telomeres in chromosomes.

We also offer the chance to discover your biological age by measuring telomeres in chromosomes.

Marina d’Or Medical Wellness Centre Europe’s largest scientific seawater spa

Thalasso Thermal route

Thalasso Thermal route

Thermal central pool (30º - 34º), Swan neck jets (4), duckbills (2), Waterfalls (5) Water curtains, Jet beds (6)...
Grapefruit bath
Roman baths, with Caldarium, Trepidarium, Frigidarium and
hot marble area
Sand walk
Pebble walk
Jacuzzi hydro-massage pools (10)
Hanging Jacuzzis
Hot-tube (2)
Dead-sea pool
Circulation enhancing circuits (3)
Rest area and Solarium with Infra-red
Finnish Saunas (65, 70, 75 and 85º)
Contrasting temperature showers (4)
Scottish showers (3)
Turkish bath (45º)
Water spray room (45º)

Outdoor thermal route

Central Pool with Jets, swan necks, neck jets...
Individualized areas (Jets, air-bubbles...)
Counter-current routes
Natural solarium (Heliotherapy)

Outdoor thermal route
VIP Area

VIP Area

Dry Spa rooms (5’-10’)
Cleopatra milk baths (10’-15’)
Mud baths(10’-15’)
Music therapy & aromatherapy (10’-15’)
Relaxation area
Jacuzzis at varying temperatures (10’-15’)
VIP outdoor area: natural solarium and Jacuzzis

Health & Wellness Getaways

Marina d’Or’s Health getaways combine the best in health tourism with a wide range of leisure options.

Seawater spa, shows, leisure parks for adults as well, complementing a range of treatments with specific aims, for example weight loss, pain relief etc.

The quantity of treatments and services varies in function of their duration (from 1-9 nights)


“Silhouette” Getaway

An efficient complement to any type of weight-loss treatment. Losing those extra inches in just a few days is possible and easy.

To reaffirm and favour a slender silhouette, enhancing corporal remodelling.


“Fresh Air” Getaway

A natural response to any respiratory problems you might have or develop throughout the year.

Clean out and detoxify the airways, prevent or reduce rhinitis and allergies and improve breathing.


“Tranquillity” Getaway

A few days of rest where you’ll receive techniques and treatments to bring tranquillity and wellbeing.

To reduce stress, imbalances... and slow down your frenetic rhythm creating a point of balance and harmony.


“Body Wellbeing” Getaway

Relieves fibromyalgia, joint pains... a getaway to recover your body’s wellbeing naturally and healthily, using techniques that stimulate and improve your health, relieving

symptoms for some disorders which are haracterized by the pain they cause.

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